SARDAAR - Traditional Balochi Turban (Dastar)

SARDAAR - This Traditional Balochi Dastar is worn by Young Energetic Balochis who like Fancy Items in Traditional look. Cotton Voile fabric used for a stylish look. Exclusively available at Al-Rijaal Fashions. Free Delivery all over Pakistan.
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SARDAAR - This Specially Designed Heavy Balochi Turban is a Unique Trend which is worn by Young Baloch who on one hand want to look stylish and on the other hand do not like to leave their culture and traditions behind.
Turban in Pakistani culture is more than just a headwear. It is also a symbol of one’s honor. y the most spectacular of turbans worn in Pakistan is the one worn by Baloch sardars. It consists of fine, spotless white cotton wrapped around the head in a manner that only a Baloch can figure out and handle. It does not have a crest or “shamla” Its tail, instead of hanging loosely at the back, comes down on one side of the turban, loosely snakes around the chin and then up on the other shoulder, the end tucked in the folds of the turban, thus framing the face of the person in the folds of white fabric. The turban tail is also used to cover one’s face during dust storms.
With his characteristic beard and mustache, a Baloch sardar cuts a striking figure in his white turban, and sometimes, when riding a horse, looks as if he has just walked off a Hollywood set.
Sindhi landlords of Baloch origin also wear the Baloch turban.
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