Balochi Traditional Waistcoat

Hand Embroidered
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Rs. 7,500
Waistcoat is another important of Pakistani Male attire. These waistcoats differ areawise. In Urban areas young Men like some printed or Jamaawaar Fabric Waistcoats whereas middle and old age Men prefer plain suiting fabric waistcoat. In rural areas the trend is completely different from Urban areas, here Men wear embroidered Waistcoats. Mostly of which are Hand Embroidered. In Baluchistan, Men wear Hand Embroidered colorful Waistcoats. Al-Rijaal Fashions is bring this trend up and promoting Pakistan's Traditional Waiscoats. This design is one of the Exclusively Embroidered Waistcoats. It is never easy to choose as these designs are more better than the previous u saw. 
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